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Workshops and Training Courses

Training courses are held various times through the year, with Wendy or other guest trainers.


WORKSHOPS at Racingredd Agility with Wendy Clay at The Lilacs,Wisbech.
10:00-12:00 £25.00. Please Contact me for more details.

13th January - Full
Pull & Push through/Serpentine/pivots

27th January -
German/S lines/Lap turns

3rd February

24th February
Weaves and tunnels

3rd March
10:00 -12:00 & 12:30- 14:30
Contacts,independence and proofing.

24th March
Course walking for best lines appropriate turns.

28th April
10:00 -12:00 & 12:30- 14:30
Distance Handling


NIC JONES ONE MIND DOGS seminar, held at Racingredd Agility August 2016.

This was Nic's 3rd visit to Racingredd Agility and as normal it was a fun and informative day.

Sessions were 2 hours per group. In general clubs tend to organise training days based on dogs and handlers level of experience (grades) however as the whole premise of OMD handling is to teach the handler to show the dog the 'line' to take on a course I grouped students on their past experience of OMD training as the dogs level isn't important.
The first group was for the handlers who had been using OMD for some time and it was really great to watch how clear the signals were to the dogs and how fluid the path was for both dog and handler to follow.

The following two groups were for those had let's with less or no experience of OMD, however, it really didn't show at all. Nic's brilliant instruction showed the handlers how to follow the correct line and all of the dogs took the easiest path on the course, often to the complete surprise to their handlers.

Along with the ease of the handling a course one of the biggest reasons I love the OMD handling so much is that the dogs know where they are going so much earlier with no abrupt changes of direction causing concussion injuries to their bodies, and as a middle aged rather slow handler I don't have to try and outrun my young and fast dogs, with OMD I can 'show and go'

Reviews of the training day

I really enjoyed the course and certainly ended up running it in a different way to how I would have walked and run it had it been an event. Nic certainly explained the logic as to why we were doing the maneuvers and they made sense once you actually ran the course and realised the benefit of the moves. I also picked up some very useful hints and tips which I've been trying to build into my practice/training.

Having attended a training session with Nic, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is keen to learn new skills in agility, I found the session quite challenging but very informative. It certainly gave me lots of new things to try out and work on and there was plenty of one to one training during the session..


I attended a training session at Racing red agility with Nic Jones in August I found it to be very informative i came away with a lot to think about and work on. I also found it to be very relaxing.


Thank you Wendy for organising the Nic Jones training, absolutely loved it and when my girl stops damaging her feet and legs I will be going to put more homework and practice in , 
Wendy and Nics training has totally transformed my original agility learning methods but with huge great affect, and it really works !! I've totally got the bug back for agility as it was very positive, very logical and lots of laughs to go with it 
Look forward to any sessions in future that become available as I will be first on the list


If you would like to book places on any of the workshops please contact Wendy Clay for details 07814119582

1-2-1 sessions are also available during the week with Wendy please contact her for more information

Contact: Wendy Clay on 07814 119 582

How to Contact Wendy Clay

Phone : 0781 411 95 82
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Reviews of the Nic Jones training day

Training Venues
Sunset Farm,
Mill Lane,
Fosdyke, Lincolnshire,
PE20 2BL.

The Lilacs Boarding Kennel
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White Owl Farm
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