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Racingredd Agility was set up by Wendy Clay in 2003, when she moved from Milton Keynes to Lincolnshire. Since then she has gained a first class qualification in the Agility Club instructors exam, being one of only a hand full of people who have done so both in this country and abroad. Wendy is an approved KC judge and is a qualified level 3 Canine Hydro therapist.

She is one of the top handlers in the UK and has competed in various high profile competitions & finals with her dogs including Crufts, Olympia, IFCS World Cup, European Open Championships and the Burgess Supadog.

Wendy has had most of 2017 off of Agility and has been spending time exploring new activities for her dogs. However even with time off little Freebie qualified for the T&A senior final but unfortunately couldn't attend as Wendy and the dogs were on holiday.

Freebie born in September 2011, now competing at grade 7,  she qualified for the championship final at Kennel Club International festival, biggest agility dog show in the world. Freebie is enjoying the new KC lower height option.

Chill born in 2013 has worked up from grade 3 to grade 7. He is a very challenging and complex dog, and has been a massive curve. I'm hoping that after a break he will come into his own again and find the confidence that he has lost. He Qualified the the KC small Olympia final in 2016. 

After a break from shows Chilli came back with a bang winning two classes taking him to the highest grade in Agility,grade 7.

Quincy has started his Agility training and is coming along nicely. He does have a very short attention span so Wendy is taking things slowly keeping everything positive and fun,he does however love doing the scent work & tracking that he's been trying and will definitely continuing with this in the future.

Violet has been for her first try at sheepdog training session and after a steady start seems to be a complete natural,which isn't surprising with her pedigreeMy dogs update....

Wendy and her dog Scout, Agility Champion Racingredd Brussel Scout have won Kennel Club Olympia stakes in 2010 & 2011 qualifying for the 2012 finals and the 2013 semi finals. They have also won and qualified for many other prestigious finals, such as Burgess Supadog and the Kennel Club Crufts DFS challenge & BA regional finals.

Wendy & Scout qualified for team GB world open agility tournament in 2011 which was held in Clevedon, Somerset where they won two gold medals. In 2012 they won the Mini/Mixi Pairs finals at Discover Dogs with Alan Bray and his dog Indie.

2016 Scout qualified for the Adams Dinky Derby final. 2014, 2015 & 2016 Scout qualified for the KC small Olympia semi finals. Scout was runner up in 2014 &  finished 3rd in 2015 in the finals held at Olympia, at the grand ole age of 12! In 2013 Scott and his pairs partner Inide came 2nd at Mini/Mixi pairs Discover Dogs and he also qualified for small Olympia Semi finals. Scout competed again in the Kennel Club small Championship with Greg Derrett were they got reserve ticket . Click here to see a Video of Scout and Greg winning the 2011 Small Championship.

Scout retired in 2017 and is now enjoying life in the slow lane.

Wendy's dog Brissel, Bonvivant Velocity  competed at UKA Novice level and Kennel Club Grade 5. He qualified for the Olympia ABC semi finals in 2011, 2012 and Novice ABC final at Discover Dogs 2013. Unfortunately Brissel has retired early due to signs of arthritis.

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Wendy's Dogs -

Collie X 31/03/03 Agility Champion Racingredd Brussell Scout

Grade 7
Click here to see a video clip of Scout training
Jack Russell 24/09/11 Freebie's Racingredd Grade 7
Click here to see a video clip of Freebie training
Terrier Cross 23/09/13 Racingredd Chilli Bean Grade 7 (Small).
Click here to see a video clip of Chilli Training
Boarder Collie 26/06/16 Quories Violet With Racingredd Sheepdog training, Hoopers.
Beagle 16/06/16 Quincy's Racingredd Scent work and Agility
WSD (Tishi's Son) 07/07/02 to 20/07/18 Racingredd Nugget Grade 6
01/05/08 to 05/06/18 Bonviant velocity
Grade 5
Portuguese Podengo 02/10/02 to 17/06/18 Plushcourt Moca under Racingredd
Grade 4
Retired Greyhound 23/05/08 to 17/08/16 Newbee Ubolt with Racingredd
Grade 3
WSD 05/04/00 to 03/08/16 Caldonhna River Till over Racingredd Grade 6


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Phone : 0781 411 95 82
email : wendyroseclay@gmail.com

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