About Wendy Clay and her Dogs

I’m sure I’ve been training dogs since I could walk,my dream was always to teach and train dogs.

In my teens I helped out at local clubs teaching basic obedience. At home I used to set up showjumping courses for my family dog Bess a BC and Sam a Beagle to jump over,I was obviously meant to do well at Agility.

In 2003 I moved from Milton Keynes to Lincolnshire and set up Racingredd Agility dog training club,over the years it’s grown beyond my wildest dreams. I love my job,nothing is better than watching a partnership grow between dog and handler.

Although I’d been instructing at MKDTC for several years,i’m a great believer in instructors having the relevant qualifications in their chosen field,so when I set up my own club I took my Agility Club instructors exam,in which I achieved a first class pass.

Since starting nose work lessons with my own dogs I’ve also taken the Scentwork UK instructors exam so I’m also an approved Scentwork UK instructor too.

I’m an approved Kennel Club Agility judge and about to take my Scentwork UK judges exam.

And a lthough not practicing at the moment I’m also a qualified level 3 Canine Hydrotherapist.


I've been competing in Agility for nearly 30 years,right from my first lesson at Milton Keynes DTC I was hooked!

Over the years all of my dogs have amazed me with their talents and willingness to learn new skills. Together we have competed at numerous high profile competitions & finals.

My early Agility dogs who are sadly no longer alive qualified for most of the major national titles including my first Agility dog Zany (Joe Joe's Clown) a Working sheepdog who took me from starter classes to top level within a year. Zany retired from full height classes at Crufts finishing 3rd in Eukanuba pairs. She then went on to win the Golden Oldie final before retiring completely.

Once hooked,success and of course at times failure followed with my dogs after Zany and they all deserve a mention.

Winners Crufts Flyball 1989. The Keyne team.

(homebred from my WSD’s Bella and Ben)

Pete - Joe Joe’s Goblin Glosche at Racingredd his sister Bronwynn - Racingredd Bronwynn,her son Redd- Racingredd Rascal and my Beagle Ernie were all winning team members.

Bronwynn also competed at the Crufts Senior final.

Hattie - Ivelsyde Lark

Michelle - Bonwillan Maple Magic Among Racingredd

Ernie - Roughstone American Pie (Beagles) all qualified and won at Olympia,Crufts both Agility and breed showing,Discover Dogs and various National heats.

WSD Tishi - Caldonhna River Til at Racingredd competed and won at Crufts,Discover Dogs,DINAS finals,Genesis novice final,CSJ and UKA Nationals.

Tishi’s son Nuggett - Racingredd Nuggett twice qualified and competed at the Olympia Novice and DINAS,CSJ finals.

Moca - Plushcourt Moca under Racingredd.

Portuguese Podengo Moca wasn’t the biggest Agility star but what a character he was. He did win a novice jumping class and was also 3rd at the East of England Championship show in Open Dog.

Bonvivant Velocity. BSD Laekenois.

Brissie was so different from any dog I’d ever trained but when we got it together he was amazing,so fast and strong. He qualified for the Olympia ABC semi finals in 2011, 2012 and Novice ABC final at Discover Dogs 2013. He also won best puppy for his breeder Jan Ralfe at Crufts. He was the biggest furry goofball ever and he broke my heart when he died at only 8 years old in 2018.

And then along came Scout!

Agility Champion Racingredd Brussell Scout. (BC x JRT)

In terms of small dog Agility Scout was miles ahead of the times with the stride pattern of a BC and the determination of a terrier he was so often unbeatable!

Scout and I had an amazing relationship and there were so many highs along the way it’s hard to recall them all but I can’t not mention some of his successes of which I’m so proud.

Scout and I won 3 championships and two reserve titles.

We won the Kennel Club Olympia stakes final in 2010 & 2011 qualifying for the 2012 finals and the 2013,2014,2015,2016 semi finals.

Twice winner of the Burgess Supadog final.

Winner of the Eukanuba Crufts and Kennel Club Crufts DFS challenge.

IFCS World Agility Championship 3 x Gold medal winners in Belgium in 2008.

GB team members at the European Open championships in Germany 2008,qualifying for the final.

Twice GB World Agility Open tournament team members winning two gold medals in England 2011.

Dutch championship winners 2009.

2012 winners of the Mini/Mixi Pairs finals at Discover Dogs with Alan Bray and his dog Indie.

Adams Dinky Derby finalist 2016.

UKA National winners.

Royal Canine. And so many single Agility wins that I’ve lost count!

Truly a dog in a million.

Scout retired in 2017 and is now enjoying life in the slow lane.


Freebie’s Racingredd.

JRT x Patterdale was born in September 2011, Freebie was supposed to be a foster dog! She arrived at 3 weeks old roughly the same size as a large hamster with the heart of a lion,it was clear from the start that she had no intention of going anywhere.

Freebie didn’t really grow much,she’s 10 inches so KC small height was always going to be a struggle as she grew older but it didn’t stop her getting to championship level. As the KC had decided to try a lower height option at their shows the following year I decided that Freebie’s last show at full height would be the Kennel Club International festival, biggest agility dog show in the world. I could not have been more proud when she made the Championship final,what a way to retire.

Freebie is now enjoying lower height option which is so much nicer for her.

Freebie has competed at her first Scentwork trial and achieved a qualifying score which is great but she prefers Agility and Hoopers.

Racingredd Chilli Bean.

Chill born in 2013 his DNA test results are that he’s a BC x Terrier with a tiny bit of WCSP. He is incredibly fast but very nervous,despite that we have made it to championship status but are yet to enter a championship class.

Chilli is a very challenging and complex dog, and has been a massive learning curve.

Unfortunately for Chilli he qualified the the KC small Olympia final in 2016 whilst I was a week away from knee surgery,we did our best but my waddle and his speed resulted in an elimination.
We’ve been having a break from Agility lately,we’ve tried Hoopers which Chilli loves and entering Scentwork trials. This has done wonders for Chilli’s confidence and he’s racing through the trial levels.

Quincy is a Beagle I rehomed from a friend of a club member in London. He was born in June 2016.

We have done foundation Agility and Hoopers which was fun but Quincy was born to do Scentwork,he loves it. Just like Chilli,Q is racing through the levels.

Quories Violet.
Violet is a BC she is as beautiful and as she is quirky. She’s from sheep working lines and ISDS registered. She was born in June 2016.

Like Q she has done Agility and Hoopers foundation training and would happily do more when I find the time. She’s taken time to grow confident but that’s fine with me,I love that she prefers me to others.

Violet has been to a few sheepdog training sessions and after a steady start seems to be a complete natural,which isn't surprising with her pedigree,unfortunately without sheep of my own to keep practicing its hard to go much further.

Together with Q they can continue to be the gruesome twosome!

Although I’m obviously very proud of my dogs achievements and where that has taken us over the years but they will always be my pets first and foremost. a

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Wendy's Dogs -

Collie X 31/03/03 Agility Champion Racingredd Brussell Scout

Grade 7
Click here to see a video clip of Scout training
Jack Russell 24/09/11 Freebie's Racingredd Grade 7
Click here to see a video clip of Freebie training
Terrier Cross 23/09/13 Racingredd Chilli Bean Grade 7 (Small).
Click here to see a video clip of Chilli Training
Boarder Collie 26/06/16 Quories Violet With Racingredd Sheepdog training, Hoopers.
Beagle 16/06/16 Quincy's Racingredd Scent work and Agility
WSD (Tishi's Son) 07/07/02 to 20/07/18 Racingredd Nugget Grade 6
01/05/08 to 05/06/18 Bonviant velocity
Grade 5
Portuguese Podengo 02/10/02 to 17/06/18 Plushcourt Moca under Racingredd
Grade 4
Retired Greyhound 23/05/08 to 17/08/16 Newbee Ubolt with Racingredd
Grade 3
WSD 05/04/00 to 03/08/16 Caldonhna River Till over Racingredd Grade 6



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